ISO 14001 Certification


Welcome to our area devoted to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard with separate section covering its history, the benefits of certification, and what it costs to become certified.

ISO 14001 is for all organizations large or small and covers all sectors, including charities and the voluntary sector. It will help you to be more environmentally friendly, show you how to measure your consumption and reduce waste.

In summary…

  • Suits all types of businesses, large or small
  • Reduces waste and cost through environmental commitment
  • Proven to help win and retain business

Benefits of Implementing ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

  • It demonstrates a requirement of environmental management system and compliance to regulators and government.
  • Reduce your environmental compliance that relate to product or service.
  • Assurance to employees and stakeholders your organization has commitment to safety environment.
  • Reduced insurance cost.
  • Continual improvement in EMS process.
  • Improved corporate image.
  • Its increases more chance to open a new business opportunities.

ISO 14001 Brochure

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