Appeals Handling Procedure

Appeals Handling Procedure: APMR-09:

Detail of procedure

Receive of appeal

This appeals-handling process shall provide for an independent and impartial process. Any client can submit an appeal against the decisions taken by ASRICERT. The appeal is only received through written and printed format.

Management Representative receives an appeal from appellant (appeal shall be formally, in writing not later than 30 days intimation of the decision of ASRICERT Certification Scheme).

Management Representative shall records the appeal in “Appeal Record Form (AF-MR-35) provided with reference no and detail appellant on this form.

Appeal evaluation and investigation

Management Representative also responsible in performing evaluation, investigation and submition the report report indicating the necessary action/or actions to be taken in response to it.

MR will acts as assessor and conduct a review of all documents related with certification activities:

After assessing all the related documents and also personally gathering necessary information’s regarding the authenticity of the appeal/appeals, Management Representative prepares a detailed report to be forwarded to the Appeals Committee. Previous result of similar appeal (if any) shall be used by Certification Body Head  as to get better insight and guidance on the resolution of the appeal process.

a)     application form

b)    audit report

c)     corrective action request form

d)    certificate documents

e)     appeal documents

f)     additional facts presented if any

Report making


Appeal progress report shall be intimated to the appellant by management representative.

Management Representative shall records and keep a track of all appeals, including the action taken to resolve them, by filing them in the respective client’s file.

Functioning of Appeals committee

The appeals committee will meet when appeal cases come up, within a period of maximum one month after an appeal has been filed. The necessary quorum for conducting an appeal committee meeting is (3) three members. In case the quorum cannot be formed, the meeting will be postponed.

After Appeal Committee receive the Appeal Report from MR, they will review the case and go through the report and discuss the matter in question in detail.

The appeal committee will take decisions on the cases in which client has submitted an appeal. The appeals committee have the following powers:

• To deny or grant certification

• To impose, modify and withdraw sanctions and conditions

• To order for re-audit

Final decision

Appeal findings including the reasons for the decision taken will be informed to the appellant in writing. The final decision on appeals will be taken by the Certification Body Head of ASRICERT. Appeal letter and decision taken details are filed in the client file for future references.

Management Representative provide the appellant with a Appeal-handling Report (AF-CM-34) regarding the end of the handling process.

Escalation of appeals

Should the result of appeal-handling process is not satisfying the appellant, he/she shall notice ASRICERT officially about it.

ASRICERT will invite the appellant for further discussion for solution, otherwise, the he/she may bring this to court pursuant to ASRICERT domicile.

Corrective action report

If it is believed that the systematic corrective actions is required as a result of the handling appeal, the Management Representative shall be required to initiate the procedure AP-MR-07 as quick as practicable to restore certification and prevent reoccurrence.

The appeal activities shall be a subject to review on management review meeting and impartiality meeting.


Any information provided by the Appellant to Certification Body Head of ASRICERT shall be maintained as strictly confidential.

Certification Body Head of ASRICERT shall not allow any information provided to be disclosed to a third party without prior consent of the Appellant. In case, it is required by the Law or by an Accreditation Body, Certification Body Head of ASRICERT shall notify the appellant of the action.

Supporting documents

  • Appeals record (AF-CM-35)
  • Appeal-handling report (AF-MR-34)
  • Corrective action report (AF-MR-23)