Tourism Certification

Hotel Certification

The government has appealed that the licensing for star/non-star hotel business certification is no longer valid, the permit has shifted to risk-based hotel business certification. This is regulated based on the Regulation of the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia Number 4 of 2021 concerning Standards for Business Activities in the Implementation of Risk-Based Business Licensing in the Tourism Sector.

Since March 2021, that in order to improve the quality of tourism services and the productivity of the tourism business as well as the competitiveness of the Indonesian tourism industry, it is necessary to develop a standardized and certified tourism business.

Purposes and Objectives

  • Assurance and recognition of the professionalism of its management that meets the standards/ regulations are applied
  • Improve service quality customer satisfaction
  • Improving the productivity of tourism businesses
  • Assuring the quality of products, services and management in order protection to guest
  • Provide protection to guests, hotel employers, labor, and communities, both for safety, health, comfort, safety, convenience and environmental protection
  • Open up wider opportunities to enter the global market of international tourism

Tourism Certification Brochure

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