Customer Complaints Procedure

Complaint Handling Procedure: APMR-10:

Detail of procedure

Receive of complaint

Any complaint received by ASRICERT in writing or by e-mail or telephone in respects of its functions as a certification body or company certified by it shall be recorded in Customer Complaint Record (AF-MR-22). the record must be consisting of:

  • Date of complaint received,
  • Name of customer,
  • Indentity,
  • Complaint content,
  • Status of complaint accomplishment

Validation of complaint

The Management Representative (MR) must then evaluates and validates the data or information received. MR then shall confirm whether the complaint relates to certification activities or to certified client.

Complaints related to certified client

  • MR must ensures that the effectiveness of the certified management system is checked by competent auditor(s), who were not involved with the client previously.
  • MR shall reports to Certification Body Head to have an official letter to be sent to related client.
  • After receiving clarification of the complaint, certified client will be informed that their complaint had been received and will be follow up by ASRICERT then the complaint will be registered.

Complaints related to certification activities

  • MR must ensures that the effectiveness of the certified management system is checked by competent auditor(s)/person(s) who were not involved with the client previously.
  • The concerned auditors may be summoned to confirm the facts if it relates to certification activity.
  • A meeting must be taken by involving all related personnel to analyse the root cause. After root cause analysis, method to eliminate cause of the complaint must be arraised and suitable corrective and preventive action determined.
  • Complainant must be acknowledged the status of the complaint through a Customer Complaint Report (AF-MR-.22). the report shall be under responsible of MR.

Escalation of complaint

ASRICERT Certification Body receive complaint concerning unsatisfaction to the results of complaints handling, Management Representative of ASRICERT Certification Body shall escalate it to Certification Body Head and/or to President Director.

Corrective action report

If it is believed that the systematic corrective actions is required as a result of the handling appeal, the Management Representative shall be required to initiate the procedure AP-MR-07 as quick as practicable to restore certification and prevent reoccurrence.

The appeal activities shall be a subject to review on management review meeting and impartiality meeting.


Any information provided by the Appellant to Certification Body Head of ASRICERT shall be maintained as strictly confidential.

Certification Body Head of ASRICERT shall not allow any information provided to be disclosed to a third party without prior consent of the Appellant. In case, it is required by the Law or by an Accreditation Body, Certification Body Head of ASRICERT shall notify the appellant of the action.

Supporting documents

  • Customer complaint (AF-CM-22)
  • Corrective action report (AF-CM-10 or AF-MR-23)